Welcome to the ICA-AtoM demo CD

You are currently using the demo CD version of ICA-AtoM which runs on a temporary Ubuntu Linux operating system, straight from your computer's CD drive.

Please note that you are able to test all of ICA-AtoM's features using this CD but any data changes you make will be lost once you end this demo CD session. You can download a fully operational version of the software from the ica-atom.org website.

Log in

You can log in with full administrator privileges using the following email address and password,

email: demo@example.com

password: demo


Consult the online user manual for instructions and to learn
more about the features that are available in the ICA-AtoM 1.0.8 beta release.

Join the discussion

ICA-AtoM is an open source software project in active development. We value community contribution and participation. If you find any bugs, have new feature requests or would like to help out with software development, documentation or translation, please post a message to the ICA-AtoM discussion group.